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Nature Nourish • Wellness FlourisH

Small Batch Elderberry Syrups, Tea Blends, Syrup DIY Kits, Infused Vinegars and other Healing Foods.

My Elderberry Fairy sprouted wings from a belief and passion for trusting in Nature for nourishment, healing, and food as medicine.  We believe in the power and wisdom of Nature to nourish not only our taste buds, but our whole selves. 

Naturally Simple

My Elderberry Fairy is a family owned and operated production.  Each item is micro-batched and hand-made, bottled, and packaged with care.  Our ingredients are sourced thoughtfully, and we will only serve to you what we confidently serve our own family. 

My Elderberry Fairy produces our products using organic and sustainably wild-harvested ingredients, as well as locally and home-grown fruits, roots, and herbs as often as seasonably possible.  Local and Raw honey offers additional healing benefits to our teas,  syrups, and ciders.  Careful and thoughtful preparations ensure the quality and preservation of each healing botanical ingredient.

As a family, the Parsons share gratitude for our Mother planet, and all that she provides for us.  In order to give thanks, My Elderberry Fairy also takes every step possible to practice sustainability while choosing and sourcing ingredients, working in the kitchen, and packaging each and every product.   

From our family to yours, with love, care and intention. 


my elderberrry Fairy


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