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  • What are Elderberries?
    Black Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra) is a tiny purple berry, that is packed with antioxidants, (specifically a type known as anthocyanins) that are known to support a healthy immune system. Beautiful white flowers precede the berries in bloom. Elderflowers also contain antioxidants, and immunomodulating properties.
  • What is the difference between elderberry syrup, shrub and drops?
    Our Essential Elderberry Syrup is hand crafted with both the Elderberry and the Elderflower, for synergistic, all-natural support for the whole family. Our Elderberry-Ginger and Rosehips Shrub is an uplifting blend where Elderberry meets Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Our Elderberry Drops are a perfect option for those who prefer a non-refrigerated option, as well as for traveling and any time you're on-the-go! My Elderberry Fairy Drops contain zero added sweeteners, but have a naturally sweet flavor that kids and adults may both enjoy!
  • What are the differences between elderberry and elderflower?
    Both the Elderberries and Elderflowers contain antioxidants and compounds that may support immune response. The berries are specifically concentrated in anthocyanins that are known to help strengthen cell walls against pathogens. Elderflowers are rich in antioxidants, and act as a gentle diaphoretic herb.
  • What is a Fire Cider tonic?
    Our Fire Cider is a powerful, herbal infused Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and honey Tonic, that can be enjoyed as a "power shot", or incorporated into beverages or dishes. Infused with stimulating roots, fruits and herbs, Fire Ciders may assist in helping stimulate and move stuck conditions such as indigestion, inflammation, and congestion. Fire Cider may be enjoyed daily, or as needed. In the event of a wellness challenge, we prefer to have a Fire Shot every 2-3 hours, for a couple of days.
  • What are shrubs?
    Shrubs are an old-fashioned, tart, tangy, and lightly sweetened sipping vinegar. Our shrubs are crafted with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, and lighly sweetned with Organic Cane sugar, for a vegan and honey-free option. Add a shot of Shrub into your favorite sparkling water, for an instant Probiotic + Natural Electrolyte beverage! We think of it as Kombucha meets Gatorade, with an elderberry twist!
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